General Knowledge Questions and Answers For PWD, PPSC, NTS, PTS, Atomic Energy and many More ( Part 1 )

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General Knowledge Questions and Answers For PWD, PPSC, NTS, PTS, Atomic  Energy and many More ( Part 1 )

But In this Situation, I decide to Upload  General Knowledge Information, Question and Answers on my website ( Bilal Akbar ) which are most used by NTS, PPSC, PTS, OTS and some other Testing Services. Anyone  could not be read on Book anywhere but by using your Cell Phone anytime and anywhere reader get the knowledge from your cell phone by visiting our website.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1) The formula of water H2o, H2o2, Ho2?
Ans: H2O
2) Does man exert more pressure while?
Ans: Standing on one Foot.
3) What is the formula of nitric acid?
Ans: HNO3
4) What is the formula of Kelvin degree?
Ans: C+273
5) What is the value of “g”?
Ans: 9.81m/s2
6) Bilal Akbar covers 10-meter distances in 1/5 second. How much distances he covers in 20 seconds?
Ans: 1000 meter
7) What is the value of ‘‘Hyp’’?  If Base is 3 feet and Prep is 4 Feet. 

Ans: 5 feet

8) What is the percentage of nitrogen in the air?

Ans: 78%
9) What is the formula of bleaching powder?

Ans: CaoCl2

10) What is the resulting of evaporation?
Ans:  Cooling
11) During burning if the smoke is Blake, then combustion is called?
Ans:  Incomplete
12) What is the formula of ‘‘urea’’?
Ans:  NH2CoNH2
13) What is the chemical name of urea?
Ans: Carbamate
14) Write down the equation of urea formation?
Ans: 2NH3+CO2,  NH2CONH2+H2O
15) Is vapor pressure measured by?
Ans:  Barometer
16) Which color absorbed more heats black, white & red?
Ans: Black
17) Transfer of heat from the sun due to --------?
Ans: Radiation
18) What is the unit of resistance?
Ans: Ohm
19) Is density equal to -------------?
Ans: mass/volume or m/v
21) Is hydrogen produced by electrolysis or hydrolysis?
Ans: Electrolysis
22) If a car cover 10M in 7.5 min, what distance cover in 1 hrs?
Ans: 80M.
23) Does the temperature increase if H2SO4mixed? In water yes or no?
Ans: Yes
24) Na++ is called --------------?
Ans: Ion
25) Density is measured by?
Ans: Hydrometer
26)What is the color of chlorine?
Ans: Greenish yellow
27) Which is similar word ugly, dirty? Bad, good. Clean, dirty?
Ans: Ugly, dirty
If 12 k/g of urea fertilizer is wasted out of 
38 k/g. what is the Percentage of wasted urea?
Ans: 31.57 %  
29) Atmospheric pressure is -------------?
Ans: 760mmHg     
30) Which is the best conductor silver, gold, brass?
Ans: Gold
31) Which Is The Scale Quantity Joule, Force, & Distance?
Ans: Distance32) To Convert K/G Into Pound* By -----------------?
Ans: 2.204
33) A2+B2 is equal to?
Ans: [A+B]-2ab
34) 04,08,12,16,20, --------------------- ?
Ans: 4,28
35) Liquid Ammonia Color Is --------------------?
Ans: Color Less
36) 06,09,18,21,42,45, --------------------------?
Ans: 90,93
37) 43,34,27,22, ---------------------?
Ans: 19
38) How many electrons in outer shell of cl.?
Ans: 07
39) How many litters in 1579CC?
Ans: 1.579L
40) 01,04,09,16,25, ---------------?
Ans: 36
41) 01,03,05,07,09, ------------?
Ans: 11
42) A, c, e, -------------- ?
Ans: g
43) 02,b, 04,d, 06, -----------?
Ans: f
44) 01,03,09,27, ----------------?
Ans: 81
45) 01,03,05,07,09,11, -----------?
Ans: 13
46) 02,05,08,11, -------------?
Ans: 14
47) What is the unit of current?
Ans: Ampere
48) What is the difference between 9; 40AM to 01; 35PM?
Ans: 3; 55
49) What is percentage of 200 in 350?
Ans: 57.1 %
50) What is number of oxygen and hydrogen in water? 
Ans: H=2, o=1
51) What is the percentage of oxygen in air? 
Ans: 21.7 %
52) What is the percentage of hydrogen in air?
Ans: 01 %
53) Tick the correct word. Achieve, achieve achieve?
Ans: Achieve
54) In a parallelogram which sides are equal?
Ans: Opposite
55) Acidity of water is present when ‘’ph’’ is Less then 7 or Above then 7 ?
Ans: less 7
56) Who invented the short hand? 
Ans: I sick pit
57) Who discovered h2so4?
Ans: J.b. Mayan
58) Who invented mercury thermometer?
Ans: Dieses5
9) Which country adopted metric system?
Ans: U.s.a.
60) What is the unit of volume?
Ans: Cm3
61) The meters in one-yard are?
Ans: 0.91
62) The weeks in one year?
Ans: 52
63) How many mun in one ton?
Ans: 28
64) The gallon in one barrel is?
Ans: 45
65) The unit of area in metric system? 
Ans: Sqm
66) The liters in one-gallon are?
Ans: 4.5
67) To measure the circumference of rectangle add All the -----------?
Ans: Four sides
68) Circumference of a circle is?
Ans: 22/7 x d  ( D: Dia of Bar)
69) Weight can be denoted in k/g  &?
Ans: Newton
70) How to calculate the speed?
Ans: V= S/T
71) The unit of work is?
Ans: Joule
72) Torque is equal to?
Ans: T=f x r
73) The formation of vapor from water is called?
Ans: Evaporation
74) Pythagoras theorem is ----------------?
Ans: A2+B2=C2
75) If we use 10% fertilizer from 50 k/g bag? Calculate the Quantity remained in bag.
Ans: 45 k/g
76) If seven men make 28 chairs, then how many men Makes 40 chairs?
Ans: 10
77) Who was the first governor-general of Pakistan?
Ans: M. A. Jinnah
78) Who was the first prime minister of Pakistan?
Ans: Liquat Ali
79) In which city, there is too much traffic? 
Ans: New York
80) In a triangle tar q is equal to -----------?
Ans: per/base
81) Sine q is equal to ------------?
Ans: per/hype
82) Cos.  Q is equal to -------------?
Ans: base/hyp
83) For what ‘’jcc’’ stand?
Ans: Junior commission Course
84) 02, 04, 16, --------------------?
Ans: 256
85) When Pakistan resolution was passed? 
Ans: 23 march 1940.
86) Who invented the typewriter?
Ans: Juef
87) The formula of acetylene is?
Ans: C2H2
88) 07, 10, 09, 12, 11, ----------?
Ans: 14, 13
89) A, d, h, m, s, -------------?
Ans: Y
90) N, q, i, s, j, u, -----------?
Ans: H
91) 08, 12, 16, -------------?
Ans: 20
92) The pound in one-gallon are?
Ans: 6.48
93) The area in one square mile is?
Ans: 64
94) The formation of vapor from water is source of heat are?
Ans: Vaporizing
95) Lightest element in periodic table is?
Ans: Hydrogen
96) Specific gravity at sea level is?
Ans: 32 ft/sec2
97) What is the % of 50 out of 800?
Ans: 6.25
98) If area is decreased then, pressure is?
Ans: Increased
99) What is the formula of sodium hydro oxide?
Ans: NaoH
100) If you want mixed water & acid then, what will You do?  
Ans: Put acid in water
101) If you mixed 75% brass & 35% zinc then, product Will be?         

Ans: Bronze
The product of iron & chromium?
Ans: Stainless steel
102) 2H2+O2 
Ans: 2H2O
103) Speed of air is measured by?
Ans: Anemometer
1004) To measure the height we used?
Ans: Altimeter
105) The material of cloth, which does not, catches The fire?
Ans: Asbestos
106) To measure the rain we use?
Ans: Rain gauge
107) If 4 table are prepared in 28 hours, then what Will be the Number of hours for 5 tables?
Ans: 35 hours
108) What is the value of Pie?
Ans: 3.142 or 22/7
109) Who is the smallest part of a substance that, still Retains the property of that substance?
Ans: Molecules
110) It has a constant volume and constant shape.?
Ans: Solid
111) It has a constant volume and flexible shape
Ans: Liquid
112) It has a flexible volume and flexible shape?
Ans: Gas
113) It is a branch of science in which we deal the Relationship between matter and energy.?
Ans: Physics
114) Any thing that has occupy some space, some weigh, Some shape is called?
Ans: Matter5Ans: Body
116) Surrounding area of a body is called?
Ans: Volume
117) A smallest particle of molecules that does not Still retain the property of that substance?
Ans: Atom
118) Quantity of a matter is called?
Ans: Mass
119) Mass per unit is called?
Ans: Density D= m/v
120) Density of water?
Ans: 1 g/cm2
121) Density of mercury?
Ans: 13.6 g/cm2
122) Density of copper?
Ans: 8 g/cm2
123) Density of silver?
Ans: 10.5 g/cm2
124) Density of petrol ?
Ans: 0.74 g/cm2
125) Density of bronze?
Ans: 8.2 g/cm2

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