Benefits of Almonds

 Benefits of almonds

Soaking almonds overnight and eating them in the morning has been practiced since centuries to strengthen the brain.

It is very important to soak the almonds before eating because this way not only does the grain become soft, but it also becomes flaky.

Remember that there is a special enzyme in its dry skin, due to which almonds are not digested and their nutrients are not absorbed by the body.

Apart from brain health, almonds have many benefits.

Benefits of Almonds
 Benefits of Almonds

Soaked almonds are the best food for pregnant women because the folic acid in it gives strength to their body and improves the nervous system and other organs of the baby.

Soaked almonds improve digestion and help in the absorption of protein in the body.

If you want to avoid heart problems, then you must consume almonds because the antioxidant nut found in them controls cholesterol and keeps the blood healthy.

Almonds reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and increase the amount of healthy cholesterol.

Almonds strengthen the stomach, liver and all the muscles of the body. Soak a few almonds in half a kilo of water at night before going to bed.

After peeling, grind it well and fry it in pure cow's ghee and add sugar as needed.

In addition to this, almonds are called the king of benefits, their use reduces body fat and mental weakness.

According to medical experts, not only milk but also almonds and other dry fruits are necessary for children to strengthen their bones.

Face massage with almond oil keeps the face fresh and fresh. You first apply milk to your face with a cotton ball, then add a few drops of almond oil and a few drops of rose water. Apply it on your face. Do not rub too much. It will not only make your face clean but also slowly remove the facial wrinkles.

In addition, almonds can cause dizziness, poor eyesight, hemorrhoids, mental weakness, memory loss, etc.

It is also useful in nausea, urinary irritation, jaundice, insomnia and constipation etc.

  Almonds also help in weight loss, so obese people should make almonds a part of their water diet and consume them on a daily basis.

My friends who are always snacking can start eating almonds and they will find that they break their habit.

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