Pyramids of Egypt

 Pyramids of Egypt

4500 years ago, a miracle was built in Egypt, which people are surprised to see. 147 meters high, this Ihram was the greatest human achievement for 4000 years. It uses such huge stones that the total weight of a pyramid is 6 million tons. If we compare it to today, then the largest building of the era, Burj Khalifa, has a total weight of only 5 million tons. But the matter of Hurriyat is how it was made? In this era neither crane nor bulldozer nor any technology was used even in this era. But the people of that era saw it and even after 4500 years it is still standing. 

Pyramids of Egypt

It is estimated that the Ihram in Egypt was built in 2560 BC. The Ihram was built by the infamous pharaoh Khufu, who ruled Egypt for approximately 23-60 years. The Ihram is located near the Nile River in Egypt. According to an estimate, there are around 120 pyramids built by different pharaohs, but all of them are either completely destroyed or in disrepair. But these three Ihrams are still there. Among these three Ihrams, the largest Ihram is Gheza which was built by Khufu and the second Ihram next to it was built by Khufu's son Khafre and the third Ahran was built by Khafre's son Menkure. They were built for the purpose of the tomb. 

The pharaohs of Egypt believed in life after death. They believed that our soul will go there to face punishment and reward and will live there forever and this eternal life. For the pharaoh used to keep a gold chair and jeweled food inside his ihram while he was alive and later when he died his body was kept inside the ihram with a coffin. Later, when archaeologists went inside Gaza, they found empty coffins and wood. In fact, the gold items and the body were stolen from there over time.

But some people present their own ideas that the Egyptian pyramids were used to generate electricity, but according to scientists, this is completely wrong because if they were so advanced that they generated electricity, then some of their samples should have been discovered by now.

Such conspiracy theories arise when we do not have concrete evidence. But the thing is, how were they made so perfect? The weight of one stone used in it was around 4 tons to 80 tons. So how were they placed so closely on top of each other? And how were these stones cut with such precision? Even more surprising is that it was built in just We have this misconception that it was built by servants or slaves and they used to oppress them and did not give them food, but this is wrong. High-class people were brought to make the Ihram and they were given better food. 

The stones used in the ihram were brought from a distance of 800 km, copper tools were used to cut them, and holes were found between the hard stones and wet wood was inserted into the holes to break the stones themselves. Then how were these stones brought? So the effective theory is that these people built something like a boat to float on the river which we call 'zakh' in Balti. They used to place these stones on top of the river and when they reached the bank of the river, they used to place them on wet wood and make them cry because the friction was reduced due to the water and they moved forward easily. Then how were these stones placed one on top of the other? 

So there are many theories about it. In 2015, archaeologists discovered a 4500-year-old ramp. According to them, a slope ramp was made while building the Ihram in Egypt, and the stones were placed on top of each other through the same slope. When it was too high, the slope was also moved forward. . But the surprising thing was that it was built in just 20 years. If a stone was placed every three minutes, it would have been completed in 20 years. But in this era it is not at all possible to work so fast. So they will go again and bring conspiracy theories that they were created by aliens. But all theories are against science.

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